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Time Spent        Time Left         Length of recording


Controls are as follow

(Play) (Stop) (Previous Recording) (Next Recording)

At the top when you press play, a series of red boxes will be displayed, this represents the entire recording, by selecting a box you can skip to different parts of the recording.


Here is were all the categories are.

Step 1 Select the caegorie

Step 2 Choose the recording you would like to play.


Here you can store recordings you like.

Step 1 find a recording you would like to store in your favourites

Step 2 Select the box on the right of the recording, a star will be dislayed

Step 3 select the favourites tab to view, Play or remove favourites.

To remove a favourite, simply click on the star beside the file to be removed.


Here you can search for files to play.

Step 1 type the name of the file you are searching for

Step 2 Choose weather to search Titles or Directories

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Welcome To Ancient Wells

Welcome To Ancient Wells

Welcome To Ancient Wells

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