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Rick Joyner and Bob Jones’ Prophecies of Judgment on LA

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Prophetic Articles

  1. Friday Fire Prophecies (Dec 94 - Mar 95)

  2. Friday Fire Prophecies (Apr 95 - Oct 95)

  3. Friday Fire Prophecies Summary (Oct 95 - Feb 96)

  4. Your Kingdom Come - Dad's Best Sermon! - in answer to a 60 minutes program on Toronto Blessing in mid-1995.

  5. The Next Wave - Tidal wave of the Spirit coming on Australia.

  6. Surfing the Open Ocean - Sarah's Dream about The Next Wave

  7. Jesus, Enter In - Whose church is it, anyway?

  8. Prepare for Launch - Get Ready, God hasn't forgotten You!

  9. There are not enough Lifeboats - Important Word!! - getting ready for the Harvest.

  10. Why Not Revival? - Why England got Revival from Toronto and Australia got Blessing.

  11. The Fathers Blessings - 2 Significant church Services and their Prophetic implications!

  12. Word Given to Aust. PM John Howard before 1996 Election - this is exciting.

  13. The Maori Sidestep - Spiritual Warfare Hints.

  14. To Boldly Go... - Mission statement for the Generation of the Righteous.

  15. Doing the Hard Yards - Judging By Fruit and True and False Prophets

  16. What is the Generation of the Righteous (Dec '98) - an explanation of this Key Revelation originating from Paul Cain.

  17. Catching Fish (Dec '98) - God's model for Evangelism

  18. Who's in Control? (Jan '99) - Is there a Control Spirit hindering the Lord in your Church?

  19. The Samuel Generation (Feb '99) - For the Sake of the Children!

  20. Spiritual Polaroids (Feb '99) - help to have eyes for Him alone

  21. In Wrath Remember Mercy (Feb '99) - How to pray about God-ordained disasters

  22. Apostolic Fever (Dec 2000) - is the current catchphrase genuine?

  23. Iraq War 2002 - Is the Bible telling Iraqi christians to flee? Now included in Iraq 2004

  24. The Return of the King! - 2004

  25. Please Sir 2004 - encouragement from "Oliver"

  26. Iraq 2004 - its still up for grabs

  27. Next Wave #2 (2005) - God speaking through events @ Christmas.

  28. Hit the Afterburners! (2010) - acceleration is coming.

  29. Release the Captives (Lifeboats update) - A word for Christian Leaders

  30. Warning for New Zealand (2013)  

  31. Road Map to the End Times.mp3 - revelation on the biblical events still to come


The following are summaries of some of the prophetic Words spoken at Friday Fire Meetings at St Mark's Northbridge between December 1994, and March 1996, and others received by Paul & Sarah Davies since.

As with all prophetic words, these must be weighed and tested with a spirit of humility and repentance. Where Bible passages are referred to, the interpretations given are not intended to be seen as the interpretation of the passage, but as God speaking to his people's current situation by giving an interpretation. Some of the following words have already seen a measure of fulfilment.

NB: If there is a question you have with a prophecy or prophetic messenger, you can only judge by fruit that is produced (Matt 7: 1, 16 ,20). Does it produce righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit (Romans 14:17). It is imperative that you follow a strictly Biblical process of questioning, or you could come under judgment (eg. 2 Kings 1). Never dismiss prophetic words simply because they do not fit your understanding of the Bible - you may be wrong. It is wiser to repent first, in humility, and stay quiet, so that you will remain under Grace (James 4:6). If it is not from God, He will deal with it. For those in ministry, prophetic or otherwise, remember it is not your ministry that is important, but your obedience (Matthew 7:21).